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About Us

KAZAKH ITHALAT IHRACAT SAN. TIC. LTD. STI.  was formerly founded in Almaty, Kazakhstan as a Kazakh Turkish joint partner company, but later registered as a new Turkish company in Turkey and finalized the company legal activities in Kazakstan. In July, 2008 also a subsidiary company was founded in Bourgas, Bulgaria to act as a logistics center to Black Sea Region with the warehouse facilities located at Bourgas Free Trade Zone.

Our main focus is to work as a bidirectional supply channel for the chemical products that are produced in CIS countries, Russian Federation, Republic of China, India, Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, Iran, Turkey and to establish long term based business contracts with end-user companies that are in need of intermediate chemical products.

Following the collapse of Soviet Union, the establishment of many independent countries over the Balkanian and Eastern European area, enabled the Black Sea Zone to be a potential emerging market for the worldwide market economy. The former role of Black Sea, as being a southern border to the transport of trade commodities on the axes of west to east and east to west countries, has dramatically changed following the restructure of separate states and the integration of economies to the financial worldwide markets. Today, Black Sea Region is no more a bordering area to trade activities but geographically is a center for north to south, west to east trade operations. Respect to this, Kazakh STI as being an expert on the supply of intermediate chemical products, is located almost at the both sides of the gateway to the Black Sea Region with headquarters in Turkey and warehouse facilities at Bulgaria.

The presence of our offices at these strategic locations gives us the advantage to provide better logistics services and supply chemical commodities at competitive prices ensuring us the opportunity to share the benefits of international trade with our long term customers.

We supply a wide spectrum of chemical products to the market depending on the demand, but based on our long term contracts we can deliver Urea, Sodium Hydroxide, Sodium Sulphide, Soda Ash Light and Dense, Grey Portland Cement CEM 1, Craft paper and all kinds of Testliner on periodic montly or yearly terms.

We expect that you will have the ultimate satisfaction at the first delivery that we will provide and will be looking forward to improve and extend our long term business relation.

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