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About Us

KAZAKH ITHALAT IHRACAT SAN.TIC.LTD.STI., as being an expert of intermediate chemical products, has been supplying freight to land and sea transport companies since many years. Recent economical developements in international trade, long term production and delivery plans, the lack of commodity stock levels at warehouse facilities and the most important the constraints on competitive commodity prices has once again proved that transport logistics is one of most important segment of international trade. Our previous experience on delivery of intermediate chemical goods to our customers have taught us that cooperating with logistics companies working on real-time basis have not only given us to be on the competitive edge, but also have ensured us to share the benefits out of customer focused services with our long term clients.


Until we realize that the transport market needs to have solution providers for the  implementation of information technology, we have worked with transport companies having relatively a high level of service quality and information level. In March, 2008 we have decided to establish a partner relation with one of the well-known international transport logistics technology provider, so called Qualcomm Wireless Business Solutions and have signed a Value Added Sales and Service agreement with their Turkish Distributor Satko Teknoloji A.S., to sell and to give service based on Satellite Communication and Fleet Management Systems to transport companies.


This new business line have been an overall achievement for us since not only our clients purchasing chemical goods, but also transport companies using Fleet Management Systems, have the full benefits of the high level transport logistics services.

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