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What is Simtracs?

A GSM-Based Practical Solution In Interurban Vehicle Follow-Up And Communication.

Simtracs, a system for small or large-scale vehicle fleets performing interurban transport, provides voice, data and fax transmission, using the existing GSM infrastructure.

Services offered by Simtracs

1. Follow-up on Multiple Points:

The structure serves for multi-centered usage and follow-up from headquarters or other auxiliary offices. All customers who connect to our server receive messages and position information transmitted from terminals in their vehicles, and information whether messages transmitted from the center to the vehicle is received or not.

With the capability of following up a vehicle from multiple points, it is possible to see messages sent from a center in other centers as well. Position information or a message from a vehicle is transmitted to all centers following up the vehicle.

2. Capability of Monitoring Vehicle Positions Live and Course Analysis:

Customers who connect to our Network Management Center can receive position data from their vehicles and update the latest status of their vehicles through the web or software in their offices. Each customer can perform real-time vehicle follow-up at his center.

3. Ability to Check Traffic Information:

Users of the system can instantaneously check traffic data passing through our Network Management Center. To do this, they can access information broadcast by us through the Internet, using their account numbers and passwords.

Properties of the Simtrac System

In the Simrtacs system, all normal messages, configuration commands and position traffic are transmitted through our Network Management Center. Basic properties of the system can be listed as follows:

  • The system, which utilizes the existing GSM infrastructure, is a cellular communication environment (GSM 900 – 1800 MHz) for voice, data fax and SMS communication.
  • The system provides its customers -fleet managers- with the capability of sending SMS, e-mail and fax from vehicles in emergency cases.
  • Vehicle hardware supports use of various sensors, barcode reader, panic button, printer, fax and PC, and access to all other data stores.

Simtracs Areas Of Use

  • Vehicle follow-up and fleet management
  • Vehicle security
  • Mobile office
  • Hot sale
  • Vehicle renting
  • Transport and tourism
  • Urban public transport
  • Armored bank vehicles
  • Official organizations
  • Taxis and taxi fleets
  • Personnel and student service vehicles
  • Couriers and distribution companies
  • Worksite vehicles
  • Remote maintenance and control (SCADA)
  • Security applications
  • Telemetry and GPS applications
  • Mobile Internet connection

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