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Internet-based Vehicle Follow-up System

What is Webtracs?

WEBTRACS Internet-based Vehicle and Load Follow-up System

The other, new service for vhicle follow-up and communication system. Webtracs. Thanks to the Webtracs system that allows data retrieval, transport companies can follow-up their vehicles and companies having their foods transported follow up their goods through the Internet.

Satellite-based international fleet management system Euteltracs, GSM-based vehicle follow-up system Simtracs and Mobitex-based Mobitracs for urban applications… Whatever the vehicle-follow-up and communication system you prefer, you can benefit from Webtracs and get the comfort of following up your vehicles through the Internet.

Transport companies that want use time and resources optimally prefer economic, hi-tech-based and reliable systems of ours Communications whereas companies having their products transported prefer transporters who utilize these solutions.

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