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Satellite based Trailer/Container Tracking and Control System

'Keep your trailer under your control'


This space-efficient satellite based system is ideal for all your trailers.

Spacechecker was designed to help increase your fleet efficiency and vehicle safety. It is the smallest satellite-based trailer tracking and control terminal solution, and uses high-quality ruggedized hardware. Spacechecker is a cost-effective satellite data communications service for tracking and control of all trailer information (position, distance traveled, speed, and other sensor information), and enables easy integration with your existing IT systems.

By enabling you to control, direct and plan the movement of your vehicles, Spacechecker will enable you to decrease costs, increase revenues, and use your assets more efficiently. As well as real-time, the system enables you to store all data from pick-up to delivery in a database for analysis.

By Webtracs web-based vehicle and parcel tracking service, transport companies can manage their fleets, and their customers can track their parcels.

o Trailer and Refrigerated Vehicles
o Containers
o Trucks
o Ships
o Trains
o Vans and buses

o Unique, cost-effective satellite solution
o Wide coverage area (Central-Asia, Asia, Middle-East, Africa)
o Full stand-alone solution
o Ease of installation and use
o Ease of integration with back-office systems
o Theft prevention applications
o Fixed-location applications (telematics)
o Mobile applications
o Space-efficient and rugged design
o Remotely upgradeable

o Instant reporting
o Real-time tracking and routing
o Periodic vehicle positioning
o Door sensors
o Cab-trailer connection reporting
o Temperature reporting, for reefer trailers
o Telematics (capture of temperature, pressure, or other sensor data)
o Remote commands (send commands to remote vehicle equipment)
o SCADA (Synchronized Control and Data Acquisition)
o Event-based reporting: excessive immobility, speed limit, power failure, geo-fencing, route-fencing, etc.

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