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Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management Software

'Keep your fleet under your control'

Maptracs Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management Software enables you to track all your vehicles, regardless of your communications and tracking solution.

Regardless of the vehicle tracking system you use, you will be able to manage our fleet and integrate with the Maptracs software; whether it is EutelTRACS international satellite-based Fleet Management System, Spacechecker satellite-based Trailer Control System, or SimTRACS GPS-GPRS based inter-city vehicle tracking solution.

Companies who understand the need to manage their fleet assets in the most efficient way possible, rely on ours Maptracs software. Companies with goods to transport prefer companies who can provide the efficiency and level of service that Maptracs enables.

Maptracs provides

Map Module:
o Continually updated digital world map
o Road map and political map
o See all vehicle positions on map
o See vehicle engine on/off, and motion direction information
o Easy scrolling and dragging of map
o Easy zoom in and out
o Memorize and quickly retrieve set locations
o Measure route and line distances on map
o Determines fastest route, as well as route avoiding toll or highways
o Can determine international routes
o Send map layout and vehicle position image over email with one click
o Search location, based on city and/or street name
o See day/night areas on map in real-time

Vehicle Tracking Module:
o See engine on/off situation for all vehicles
o See trailer information for any vehicles with TrailerTRACS
o See information for all vehicles inside geo-fence
o See last position information for all vehicles
o Group vehicles as desired
o Route assignment, itinerary analysis
o See all, or selected vehicle positions on the map
o Geo-fencing, warning of vehicle entry or exit
o Rich vehicle position history (see all, search by place name, view animation, etc.)

Messaging Module:
o Send messages to vehicle (priority text message, normal text message, get-position)
o Receive and view messages from drivers
o Rich message viewing and filtering (all, date-based, search, etc.)
o Broadcast message to all or selected vehicles in fleet
o Automatic response or forwarding of messages
o View message in context with all relevant data (message date, vehicle position, driver information)
o Pre-set macro messages
o Integrate with other back-office systems

Reporting Module:
o Text and graphic reporting
o Vehicle list
o Engine on/off report
o Position reports
o Trailer hitch/un-hitch reports
o Geo-fence entry/exit report
o Message reports

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